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In this modern and scientific world it is nearly impossible to materialize a dream of loosing into ecstasy of complete virginal beauties of nature. However there are still some places on earth that are 100 percent pure or can say full of undestroyed natural beauties. These destinations may make your dream come true. Shankhuwashaba, Chainpur is one of them. I promise that, when you leave once after visiting it, surely your heart will long to go back again and again.

Welcome to the Chainpur, Nepal. You have probably never heard of it. The city of almost 80,000 people in the small business city ‘Chainpur’ are Fair, honest and hardworking. As all know Nepalese believe those guests are God sent. So the people of Chainpur welcome the visitors straightly to their hearts. Many people are highly educated, even though a big number of the people yet to be literate. However, people here may be usual or habitual and traditional, they seem very aware of the fact that education is a must.

This place is situated in Koshi Zone, Shankhuwashaba District, East, Nepal, with an altitude of about 5000 ft. above sea level and its geographical coordinates are 27° 17′ 0″ North, 87° 19′ 0″ and approximately 730 km far away from Kathmandu the capital City of Nepal in the eastern region.

The weather in Chainpur is cool, as it doesn’t exceed 30-35 degree centigrade even in the summer. You can fly to Kathmandu (Capital city of Nepal) from the place you are by any of the aircraft available. Although many part of Nepal are away from the facilities of a motorable road. You don’t have to worry about the Transportation facilities to your destination “Chainpur” you have multiple choice. Chainpur has thorough facilities of Motorable road from Kathmandu-Dharan-Chainpur, Biratnagar-Dharan-Chainpur and some others. Also you can book tickets for Nepal’s 2nd largest airport Biratnagar and can use Bus to enjoy greenery of east Nepal, instead you can also book tickets for Tumlingtar, an airport near Chainpur (4 hour walk, 2 hour transport) where one National Aircraft named Nepal Airlines and the four private aircrafts – Buddha Airlines, Yeti Airlines, Guna Airlines and Agni Airlines – have their daily flights for these roote (Kathmandu-Tumlingtar- Biratnagar & Biratnagar-Tumlingtar- Kathmandu)

Chainpur lies at a vantage point surrounded by beautiful hills with green meadows, bushes, jungle all around, the old stylish and typical traditional Nepali houses where it is overlooked by the world’s 5th tallest mountain Mt.Makalu (8,463m) at the backdrop from the North. During trekking complete virginal natural beauties at peaceful valley of around Chainpur with full of fascinating scenes of blooming rhododendrons with different colors and the largest number of its kinds in the world can be seen. Those entire surrounds simply makes you feel it is a piece of real heaven. Your visit is not considered successful if you do not reach up to Baneshower Danda,Arun Valley,Waleshower Gufa (cave where Lord Shiva use to pray),Siddhakali Temple,Pokhari Bazar,Siddha Gufa (cave) and Milke Danda(the capital of rhododendrons). Beautiful hill with meadows to the west of Chainpur named”Baneshower Danda” the natural park and the attractive picnic spot makes the visitors pleasant. Visitor can visit there with an easy walk of an around 30 to 35 min (10-12 min by transport). One can feel something satisfied and blissful from the pine trees around. If you are lucky then you can get a chance to hear the sweet music of chirping birds (Some of them are rare) and also to observe them. Before you move to meadow (Baneshower Danda) you will get chance to pray the God at famous Shiva temple. It is believe that it is the dwelling place for Hindus great God Lord Shiva and Parvati. So, from the time of ancestor a great fair takes place here. People of all ages visit this temple seeking for progress and prosperity. To the northern part of the temple there is a pond where multicolour natural fishes can be seen.

Another fascinating sight of Sankhuwasabha, Chainpur towards the southwest is Arun Valley. Arun Valley is widely known as the “Capital of different species”. Where we can find more than:

440 species of BIRDS. (16 species among them are rarely found in the whole world.)

150 kinds of BUTTERFLIES

25 kind of RHODODENDRONS (This is the one and only place where maximum different kinds of rhododendrons are found)

67 kinds of HERBS

25 kinds of ORCHIDS

48 kinds of WILD ROSES

48 kinds of SUNAKHARI (Flowers)

24 kinds of FISHES

17 kinds of BAMBOOS are found.

Likewise, some neat little villages with lush green fields merging into the Piluwa River towards the South with Siddhakali, the holy temple of the eastern Nepal, situated on its head. People from all walks of life and of all age visit the sacred spot seeking progress and prosperity.

The people here are fair, honest, hardworking. They welcome the visitors straightly to their hearts, as they believe guests are God sent. Though, people here may be customary and traditional, they seem very aware of the fact that education is a must. Many people are highly educated, even though a big number of the people yet to be literate. Almost 80 percent of them are farmers and the rest of them are teachers, businessmen, and different jobholders. 

Source : http://hamrochainpur.blogspot.com/