Why is buying local product so important?

Buy local products of Chainpur for the sustainable development of this place.
Buy local products of Chainpur for the sustainable development of this place.

Local food = local money

Eating local means more money stays within your community. Every dollar spent generates twice as much income for the local economy.

Local food is fresh
Local produce is fresher and tastes better because it is usually sold within 24 hours of being picked. If you buy produce at a conventional grocery store, it may have been kept in storage for days or weeks.

Local food is more ripe
Local produce has longer to ripen on the vine because it doesn’t have to travel long distances. This gives you a tastier, vine-ripened product.

Eating local is “green”
Eating local reduces your carbon footprint.When your food doesn’t travel long distances, you’re promoting better air quality and reducing pollution.

Local food is seasonal
Buying local food keeps us in touch with the seasons. Not everything is available all year round, meaning what grows is the most abundant, least expensive and at its peak.

Local food is more pure
When you buy food that travels less distances, it is less likely to be contaminated or tampered with.

Buying local is more fulfilling
Knowing that your food has a story and that it came from one of your neighbors makes eating it that much more enjoyable.

Local foods have variety
Small-scale, organic farmers are more diversified, simultaneously fueling the sustainability of the land and producing a wider variety of fruits and vegetables.

Local foods support responsible land development
When we buy local foods, we support local farmers. This gives those with farms and pastures a reason to stay undeveloped.

Local food enhances our environment
The more land that is cultivated organically decreases the overall usage of chemical pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, and fertilizers and increases biodiversity in our local ecosystem. (Source:http://viroquafood.coop/local-food/)

Buying local enriches our social community
When we buy local foods, we create a more intimate relationship with the people who grow our food because they’re our neighbors. (Source: http://viroquafood.coop/local-food/)

If you’d like to know more about our local farmers, go here. If you’d like to know about the local products in thegrocery department, wellness department, or housewares department, visit their department pages or check out all the departments under What’s In Store!


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Chainpur Bazar Nepal

Chainpur is an ancient market place of the eastern region of Nepal. Chainpur has been famous for hundreds of years for karuwa special kind of water mug with pipe tap sculptured with artistic carving on exterior of it.

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